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These are pictures of the current litter

Lagottino Grand Truffle Benito and Nugold Siena



What a difference a week makes! They seem to enjoy falling in the water bowl or rolling in their food.... the joys, the joys
The only boy in the bunch!
She isn't backward in coming forward this one!
This girl has such a gentle sweet nature
Sweet natured girl, quite confident
Siena's puppies two weeks old
Just how cute are they?
the latest photo of the puppies 2 June
Photos taken 2 June
Isn't he a cutie?
They are now just at that beautiful 'puppy breath' stage.... oh such timewasters
Hmm, these puppies seem to be getting lots of brown smudges..... !
The different colours
Brown girl with white paw
Hmm not sure if this the big boy or the girl?


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