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***Emma is an amazing Goldie - so blessed"

After being out of breeding and showing my beloved Golden Retrievers, I was extremely blessed that Robyn Brown (PIARKI) along with her daughter, Jo, was prepared to let me have one of their beautifully bred Goldens and so the next path with my Goldens was rekindled!


Emma was only lightly shown - and she took out CC's, BOB and class in groups.   Unfortunately due to a motor vehicle accident, I had to retire Emma from showing.   


We then were fortunate to be able to mate Emma to another Piarki dog, Ranger - and the combination of that mating produced my stunning girl, Charli.

After giving up working at the weekends, I now find I have time to start back showing Goldies again - and so it began ..... however  I still only seem to be able to get a few shows - if they are not cancelled due to lockdowns!


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 Piarki Perfect Emma
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Nuala Leyton
South West, WA, Australia
Email : [email protected]

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