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These are photos of the new puppies from Emma - I week old



Coco Sept 2011

Chasing Butterflies.......

On the farm, having a blast.....
Meldy emerging from the pond - it's kinda fun in here mum
Okay, I'm going in!
I'm onto it, mum.... think there is something here.....
No, no, I got it, Mum
Benitto - Jan 2012
Now isn't he just so handsome!

One week old today!


Benitto March 2012
Brown boy with white foot - 6 weeks
Tito - 6 weeks
Brown & White girl, almost 6 weeks
Brown & white girl
Brown (chocolate) girl
2nd Brown (chocolate) girl
Brown (Chocolate girl No 3)
Brown (Chocolate girl) no 3
Charli with her mum, Emma
Kracka at Gundog Show 30th April 2022
Oour new boy, "SAM: from Italy. He will stay in Italy until early 2007! Watch this space
Zara 28 October 2006
Zara now lives in Canada
Nugold Valentino 24th March 2007
Cream male and brown male 17 March 08
Anne's boy

Bennitto enjoying his chewstick
Ch Nugold Imelda

Just chillin.....
Nugold Tangerine Dreamz

Widget - Leanne's new baby
Sam 8 September 2007
Just home from quarantine.... has a clipped coat!
Gemma's boy - ready for his new life in Canberra
Sam December 2008 - just growning his new coat.
Peaches March 2009
If it wasn't for that staining she would be back in the ring! Any ideas how to remove it???
Nugold Zahir

Brown male
Ceska with her new mum March 08
Abbie and her new family
BOB Western Classic 2007
Jn Ch Cryout DucaatNugold (Imp italy)
My girl, Claire
Tiffany (Peaches, sister) and her new babies March 08
Claire May 2009
Abbie - soon off to live with Jenny and Sarah and family
Maddie - Brown Roan
Morgan May 07
Claire Gundog Show May 09
Nugold Elisabetta


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