Alubyc Senza Madonna

Alubyc Senza Madonna


 We are very blessed to have 'Sky' from Karen.  Sky has a really solid pedigree behind her for which we see that as a strong tie into the Nugold breeding plans for the future.


Sky hasn't been shown - well once as a puppy following the re-opening of shows - but wasn't super keen and to be honest, I simply don't have the time I thought I would have to get back into showing on a regular basis.  Having said that, once Sky's coat comes back after her litter,  I do plan to show her because she is a beautiful type and her movement is outstanding.


We will try to get a decent photo of Sky up shortly, but until her coat comes back in, anything less wouldn't do her justice.

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Nuala Leyton
South West, WA, Australia
Email : [email protected]

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