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We are planning our a mating between Kracka and Sky end of January 2023

We are also planning a mating with Florence and Bowie (Alubyc Tsunami) if everything goes to plan in February 2023


in the meantime

Here are some photos of our latest puppies - hope you love them❤️




Puppies born 11 December 2014 -photo taken 29 December 2014
Photo taken at 1 week of age
Girl two
Two boys
6 weeks
Another girl

Lovely just so cuddly

This is Florence
Love playing in the grass
29 Dec 14 - 4 girls, 3 boys.
Another week on.... where does the time go?
6 January 2015
On the move!
Weaning, growing, fun times! 12 Jan
cute boy playing
maybe we will sleep now?
latest photo
Am I going to be all orange or orange and white?
one week into weaning - we get pretty messy!
Life is a great adventure!
i bark, I grumble, I play
Getting tired now
oops, didn't mean to squash you!
Two girls together
Time to let us in, mum!
Me first
Where have you all gone?
Great place to rest
That is a very interesting hole!!
Emma and puppies 10 days


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