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For prospective purchasers we want you to know what those conditions are so that you can get a feel for whether we are the right breeder for you and also whether you would be the right 'parents' for one of our precious babies!  


So:  Firstly, when we breed it is because we are doing our best to improve our own breeding program.  Also, prior to letting anyone have a Nugold puppy we will need to know about the home and environment you can offer.  We consider that only fair and reasonable - given we bring these babies into the world, nurture them at the foot of the bed (Yep, I know!!), kiss and cuddle them, play and hug them....well, I am sure you can understand why we ask such questions of the new moms and dads!  This we already ask and require. 

Secondly, we offer an inclusive package  given to each new "parent".   Whilst we have always tried to give as much of the following as possible. We will always strive to improve and believe this is a step forward:  We had been overseas and that impacted on my breeding program and as such had not been involved in the breeding of the Lagotti or Golden Retrievers..  


We do annually eye test our Golden Retrievers, as this is a requirement for the breed which had a history of cataracts in this beautiful breed.  Our Golden retrievers are hip xrayed, elbow xrayed, heart checked and eye tested - we have also just recently tested all our goldies that have not previously been tested for PRA1&PRA2, Ich, dm, md, nclGR and PRD.

Puppy package  consists of the following:

  • Comprehensive dietary instructions
  • Breed information
  • Grooming information
  • Sire and Dam background information
  • Both parents health checked 
  • xyrayed (hip and elbow)
  • Eye testing certificate (Goldens)
  • Heart checks of breeding goldens - certificates provided
  • Puppies Vet  health checked at 6 and 8 weeks/or prior to leaving us
  • wormed and vaccinated (you will be required to provide a further vaccination around 12/13 weeks) Worming tablet will be provided for the 12 week worming
  • microchipped
  • Pet Plan Insurance for the first 6 weeks
  • Pedigree - Registration Certificate on Limited register
  • Contract - advising the terms and condition of sale (whether sold as a pet or show/breeding also contractual requirement for desexing)
  • Golden Retriever Booklet written by Jane Hodges (Golden Retriever Breeder)
  • practical advice and assistance 7 days a week either by telephone or email.
  • Pet toy
  • Raised in a loving, family home. 
  • Full support - I am only a phone or email away!



We rarely sell our puppies for show or breeding, so predominatly our puppies are sold into pet homes, on the condition they are desexed.  

They are registered on Limited Register with DogsWest Australian National Kennel Club and the papers are given to the new owners once the certificate of sterilisation has been provided.  

We are no longer breeding Lagotto.

Purchase Price:  $5000 for a pet, on the LIMITED Register




If you would like to know more, please email me and I will get back to you.





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