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This document outlines the terms and conditions of sale of a Nugold puppy or adult.   We ask that you print off this document and read through it carefully as there will be a requirement to sign the Puppy Agreement Contract with every puppy sold.

If you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss in more detail.


The breeder has endeavoured, by using good breeding practice, to reduce the risk of health problems with your puppy.   Nugold  puppies come with hip and health guarantees.   We guarantee that  both of the parents have been hip scored (and elbow scored in the golden retriever) and Heart testing.

The purchaser(s) are purchasing the Golden Retriever as a PET ONLY


Clause 1.


The above described dog/bitch is guaranteed against crippling hip dysplasia as certified by AVA/ANKC Scoring system up to the age of 14 months.  If within 14 Months of the date of birth your puppy suffers from crippling hip dysplasia (This specifically excludes dysplasia caused by environmental factors or buyer mishandling) it is agreed by the BREEDER and the PURCHASER that the liability shall be limited to:

  1. The breeder choosing a replacement puppy for the purchaser.  The breeder breeds only once a year, the purchaser will need to wait until the next litter for the replacement puppy. If the purchaser wishes to retain the dog/bitch, on production by the purchaser of a veterinarian’s certificate proving the dog/bitch has the said crippling hip dysplasia and with the agreement of the breeder, then the purchaser may retain the animal. 
  2. If the purchaser does not wish to retain the dog/bitch, then it must be returned to the breeder. 
  3. if the purchaser does not wish to accept a replacement puppy a refund of $1000 maximum will be refunded as full and final settlement.
  4. The conclusion of any other arrangement which may be agreed, in writing, between the Purchaser and the Breeder.
It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to notify the Breeder within 28 days when a serious problem is suspected and PRIOR TO ANY SURGERY so that the Breeder shall have the right to have the dog/bitch examined by a Veterinary Surgeon of their own choice to verify the existence of and the extent of any defect complained of by the Purchaser.

In the absence of such notification the provisions of clause 1 do not apply.

Clause 2


It is a condition of sale that this dog/bitch is desexed or if a male a vasectomy is also acceptable up to  14 months of age - if the Purchaser seeks to desex the dog/bitch later than 14 months then this needs to be supported by your veterinarian and something in writing from the vet is required.


The breeder requires the Purchaser to provide the original copy of the desexing certificate to the breeder to confirm desexing has been done from a qualified veterinary surgeon.  This certification is to be provided to the Breeder within 7 days of the operation.


Should the dog/bitch not be desexed/neutered/vasectomised as agreed in this contract,  then the Purchaser agrees that the Breeder can within a further 14 days take the dog/bitch to the Breeder’s veterinary surgeon to their vet to perform the desexing operation, all costs to be borne by the Purchaser.  The official copy of the Pedigree Certificate will not be given to the Purchaser until this operation has been performed.  Further, should the dog/bitch not be desexed/neutered/vasectomised within 14 months of the date of birth of the puppy, then the Purchaser will be required to pay to the Breeder a further $1000 which is the purchase price for an unsterilised dog/bitch and no Pedigree Certificate will be given to the Purchaser until an original copy of the desexing/neutering/vasectomised certificate from a qualified veterinary surgeon has been provided to the Breeder.



Clause 3


The purchaser also agrees to keep this dog/bitch for the lifetime of the animal, unless unforeseen circumstances arise. Should the purchaser not be able to care for this dog/bitch, the Breeder must be notified first and given first option to reclaim the dog/bitch at no charge. This dog/bitch may not be placed in another home without the written consent of the Breeder. In such case the dog/bitch is sold to an appropriate home by the Breeder, the Breeder agrees to reimburse the purchaser, the  price the dog/bitch was sold for less expenses incurred by Breeder.


 Clause 4


It is a condition of this agreement that the Purchaser does not strenuously exercise the animal before the age of 12 months and does not exercise the dog/bitch on the beach under 9 months of age - the reason for this is that their bones are not fully formed and running a young puppy on the beach can be detrimental to their development.


Clause 5


The Purchaser agrees to take care and control of the said dog/bitch, ensure the said dog/bitch has had obedience training and agrees to maintain the said dog/bitch in a good and healthy condition.


Clause 6


The Breeder recommends the Purchaser obtain pet insurance for their dog/bitch.


Clause 7


All veterinary costs will be at the Purchaser’s expense, whether to rectify or assess any defect.


Clause 8


This agreement is not transferable


I/We _______________________________________ declare that I/We have read the above agreement and that I/We understand the contents and agree to all conditions therein.



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